Typical Water Heater (left) and New Patented Expansion Fitted Water Heater


 Conventional Water Heater

New Thermal Expansion Water Heater



Thermal Expansion Water Heater

New Patented Water Heater Integrating an Interior Thermal Expansion Tank 

The new design provides a hot water heater having an expansion tank at the bottom thereof, with the usual water tank above the thermal expansion tank.  The gas burner is above the expansion tank and at the lower end of the hot water heater tank.  A pipe line connects the interior of the water tank with the interior of the expansion tank.  Since the burner is above the expansion tank, the burner is optimally positioned so as to meet current code height requirements abating the need for a stand, and since the expansion tank is directly below the hot water tank, the same floor space is utilized for both the water heater tank and the thermal expansion tank eliminating the need for any exterior system modifications.

U.S. Patent 5,690,061, Juan A. Lopez, Inventor

Thermal Expansion Patent